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Please consider joining a special group of supporters called One Hundred Heroes. This select group is made up of individuals, families and corporations who donate at least $1,000.00 a year to Hilton Head Heroes. Members are invited to special gatherings throughout the year and are recognized in all of our publications.

For more information on this program please contact: Gregg Russell at gruss3027@aol.com.

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One Hundred Heroes Members – 2019

Jim Adams/Leigh Nunnery
Kay Bangs
Gina and Paul Barney
Barrie Bergman
Steve and Beth Birdwell
Henry and Carla Booth
Amy Boyer
Rick Bristol and Linnea Bristol
Everitt and Linda Brown
Charter One Real Estate North-Sampson, Wilson, MacDonald & Taylor
Patricia Campbell-Stichweh
James and Mary Coleman
Mike and Stephanie Conder
Steve and Tracy DeSimone
Tom and Molly Duffey
Mr. and Mrs. John Edwards
Kay Emmert
Donald and Marilyn Failor
Mimi and Dick Ford
Cynthia Foster
Vincent and Laurie Fultz
Rex and Susan Gale
Devon and Heidi Garrity
Marty and Lenore Gleason
Mary and Jon Greenwell
David and Rebecca Gruber
Mark and Debbie Hammond
Marilyn and Bill Healy
James and Martha Hutchison

Edward and Carolee Hutton
Izant Family Foundation
Jeffrey and Anne Keefer
Nancy Kelly
Rosemary Kimball
Phil and Pattie Knisely
Grant and Elise Lauinger
Timothy and Deborah Lee
David and Ellen Leitch
Scott and Lisa Lengel
Andrew and Lisa Lesko
Susan Lindgren
Harold Malion, Jr.
Robert and Doris Malesardi
John and Delane Marynowski
Patrick and Mary Mayberry
John Mills
Wayne and Cindy Mincey
Russell and Jocelyn Maloney
David Maslia
Ann Matchinske and Alan Goddard
Elizabeth Millen
Ray and Linda Moloney
Welles and MaryAnn Murphey
MaryKay and Lee McCollum
Thomas McGrath
Jim and Courtney Nantz
Bob and Deb Nartonis
Dennis and Leila Nelson
Virginia Newhall
Tony Norton
Craig and Andra Ostergard
Steve and Susan Parker

Mark Piekarski and Lennel Stroud
John and Linda Phillips
Brooks and Lenna Quinn
Dee and Rick Ray
Richard Robbins
Rip and Fran Rose
Brock and Elizabeth Rowley
Bonnie Schroeder
Donald and Ethel Shepherd
Ray and Linda Schilderink
Norman and Dana Schuld
Sea Pines Beach Club Real Estate
Corbitt, Hall and Reichel
Michael and Susan Seeland
Beverly Serral
Carol Spengler
Stan and Margie Smith
Chuck Strauch
Bruce and Claudia Trudel
Edmond and Kristine Walters
Jean and Jack Ward
Jeffrey and Kay Weaver
Sharon Webb
Dick and Louise Weisner
Robert and Mary Jo Wills
Sandra Woodard
Richard and Susan Woods
Jim and Kathy Zimmerman