Board Testimonials

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On Becoming an Angel

“Over the course of the summer months, I come in contact with many of the Hero families who visit Hilton Head. Many of them will make the trip down to Harbour Town on a summer evening and sit out in the crowd during one of my shows. Some choose to just blend in with the crowd and remain anonymous while others readily identify themselves to me as one of our families.

One particular story from a previous summer stands out from the rest as it clearly reflects the reality of what these Heroes families are experiencing every day. I reluctantly invited a Hero child to speak from my stage one night from the confines of his wheel chair. I say reluctantly only because I’ve always tried to let our Hero families remain as invisible as they choose to be. Well, this particular boy was bound and determined to perform just like the other children on stage that night. During the shore interview process that I go through with every child who performs, I asked all of the normal questions that I usually ask. This young man knew that I had left out one of my routine questions so he eagerly volunteered to tell me what he wanted to be when he grew up. Knowing that he was so sick, I held my breath as he told the audience that his Mom told him he was going to have the best job in the world. His eyes twinkled as he told me with pure joy that he was going to get to be an angel.

I am reminded that we are in the business of helping children gracefully become angels, while unselfish acts of love and kindness help normal every day people become Heroes. I am so grateful for being in the presence of both.”

Gregg Russell
President and Founder of Hilton Head Heroes

It has been a true blessing to be associated with this amazing organization

“Working for The Sea Pines Resort since 1993, I have had the pleasure of watching families experience this wonderful place and share great memories year after year. I was honored when asked to be a member of the Hilton Head Heroes board and thought it was the very least I could do to help share my experience and knowledge of Sea Pines with these special children and heroic families. It has been a true blessing to be associated with this amazing organization.”

Rob Bender
Board Member

I am honored to be a part of this special team

“It is a privilege for me to be associated with the caring and selfless sharing of time of all board members and volunteers who ensure an incredible difference is made in the life of each Heroes family. They embody the mission of Hilton Head Heroes and I am honored to be part of this special team.”

Nancy Kelly
Board Member

What a meaningful, rewarding and fulfilling experience

“After hosting for many years, I joined the Hilton Head Heroes Board in 2013 as a Host Family Coordinator. My counterpart and I match host families to Hero families. We have the privilege of making phone contact with the Hero family and hearing how excited they are about their upcoming Hero vacation! In turn, our host families share with us what a meaningful, rewarding and fulfilling experience they have as hosts! To see what joy a Hero vacation brings to a Hero family, go to “Photos” on the Hero website and look at all the happy faces.”

Jan Raisch
Board Member

Giving families the opportunity to share in some laughter

“This is my second time to have the honor of serving as a board member for Hilton Head Heroes. I first joined the board in 2010 as the member responsible for fundraising and grants. I rejoined the board in 2014 after a hiatus to serve as a County Magistrate.

My working responsibility on the board is to facilitate grants. Grant packages provide grantors with a comprehensive summary of Hilton Head Heroes and the benefits it offers to the families we serve. Each time I put together a package, I am reminded of all of the good “Heroes” does for families who are suffering along with their sick child.

When I compose cover letters with phrases like “…for some this may be the last family vacation they share”, or “…giving families the opportunity to share in some laughter, the best medicine”, I am reminded of how blest I am to be associated with such a wonderful organization that’s doing so much good for so many people.”

Steve Wilson
Board Member

It is a privilege to be involved with Hilton Head Heroes

“It is a privilege to be involved with Gregg and Lindy’s outstanding charity organization, Hilton Head Heroes! To be able to provide families in need who have a child with a life threatening illness a wonderful, paid vacation to our beautiful island and allow them to be a “family” and hopefully forget about their day to day struggles is extremely fulfilling!

We have wonderful supporters to our organization, and as more people become aware of who we are and what we represent, we gain even more support…both locally and from visitors to our island. Thanks to all who support our Gala, Golf Tournament, One Hundred Heroes, and those who donate their personal time to be involved in our mission!”

Mark Hammond
Board Member

I have seen the change in families

“I enjoy hosting families for Hilton Head Heroes. I have seen the change in families from when they first arrive, a bit apprehensive, you can see the exhaustion. To when they leave, not wanting to leave, but a bit more relaxed, and so very grateful for the opportunity to be on our island as a family, to have some fun, and forget about the daily routines of the medical world for awhile. They are so appreciative to the generosity of the community that lifts them up on this difficult road.

Thank for your allowing me to be part of it.”