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Jane Broaeddus Allen and James Linden Allen
Scott and Kim Allen
John and Anna Anderson
Association of Electric Co-ops/VA.-Md-DE Association
Steven and Sandra Baer
Thomas and Joan Battiste
Paul and Linda Bievenue
Roberta Blinson
M.J. Bowman
Dale and Kandie Bradshaw
Dianne Cherry Brinker
Vernon and Susan Brinkley
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Brogdon, Junior
Gene Carr
James and Janice Cary
Jeanne Christenson
Jim and Marcia Collett
Atlee and Mary Ann Compher
Mike and Rhonda Curtis
James Day, Jr.
Dean and Ruth Daley
Fay Lamer Dixon
Kent and Sharon Farmer
Jennifer Drumm and Jane Hayes
Judy Dunnington
Hunter Greenlaw
Jerry and Lois Grosclose
Gail and Smitty Haller
Susan and Russell Tom Harmon
Thomas and Frieda Harrington
Nancy Hilton
Carol Hipp
Jim and Edie Hipp
Jerry and Rowena Hodge
Frederick and Patricia Hubbard
Linda Jackson and John O’Toole
Jane Jernigan
Bruce and Suzanne King
Alan Kirby and Theresa Plesants
Ann and Bill Kirkland
Mary Ann Lambert
Hugh and Norma Landes
Stan and Bobbi Leavitt
John R. Lindsay
Larry and Peggy Longshore
Jeanette Cherry Mayo
W. Barry and Carole Moore
Dan and Linnette Murray
Patricia A. Nick
Old Dominion Electric Cooperative
Judith Pizzuti
Carol and Paul Prince
Dick and Paula Purnell
Bill and Jan Raisch
Jack and Cindy Reasor
Jim and Toni Reynolds
Charlie and Donna Rice
Myron and Jackie Rummel
Gregg and Lindy Russell
Kenneth and Sandra Schaefer
Linda Sheets and Steve Strelcheck
Terry Sherali
David Shkor
Ron and Ginny Stupar
Patricia and John Talley
Sandra Taylor
Evelyn Cherry Varos
Aubrey Vaughn and Janeth Thompson
Sam and Joan Vukelich
Steve and Sharon Waddell
Nancy Watts and Ed Weber
Mike and Bridget Wheatley
Carolyn White
George and Virginia Williams
Doug and Linda Wine
Evelyn Cherry Yaros
Richard and Katherine Young


The Koval Family in memory of Mary V. Koval
Teresa Gray in memory of Scott Cline
Mark Hammond in memory of Debbie Hammond
Gregg and Lindy Russell in memory of Debbie Hammond
The Triangle Foundation in memory of Barrie and Arlene Bergman
Gary and Susan Lindgren in memory of Jack Spengler
Deborah Clark in memory of Jack Palmer
George and Amy Tracy in memory of Jim Nemec
David and Teri Keene in memory of Judith Johnson
Herbert Womble in memory of Herbie Womble
Kim Likins in memory of Buck and Millie Watson
Jim Calton in memory of Dominka Zic
Charles and Diane Lacey in memory of Norman Ginsburg
Francesca McElroy in memory of James Jankowitz, US Army Hero
In memory of Captain Zachary Stidmon, United States Air Force deceased 12/73 by Dave O’Brien
Bill and Jan Raisch in memory of Patricia Schuele, sister of Marilyn Healy
Gregg and Lindy Russell in memory of Patricia Schuele, sister of Marilyn Healy
Cherry and Bruce Baumgartner in memory of Thomas McHale
Thomas and Kay Morton in memory of Emily Roberts
Gregg and Lindy Russell in memory of Douglas James Mathieson
Gregg and Lindy Russell in memory of Dorothy Nell Ogden DuBreuil and in honor of her daughter Dodi
James and Catherine Ronis in memory of Debbie Mohr
Sally Rahnama and Melanie Belcher in memory of Mike Donaldson
Gregg and Lindy Russell in memory of Joseph B. Fraser, Jr.
John and Ruth Iannazzo in memory of Dan and Jean Rothermel
Donald and Ethel Shepherd in memory of John R. Woodbury
Timothy and Deborah Lee in memory of Allison Anne Lee
Joan O’Kane in memory of Tom O’Kane
Bill and Marilyn Healy in memory of Steve Wilson
Stan and Bobbi Leavitt in memory of Pierce Lowrey
Gregg and Lindy Russell in memory of Pierce Lowrey
James and Irene Wyllie in memory of Marie Lindstrom
Thomas J. McGrath, Jr. in memory of Thomas J. McGrath, Sr.
Randall and Eunice Austin in memory of Elizabeth “Beth” Simpson


Irwin Adler and Family
Arthur and Patricia Baer
Robert and Judith Beber
The Board of Hilton Head Heroes
Lisa Boyd
Royce and Elizabeth Brown
Jessica Burdick
Anthony and Kathryn Carosielli
Michael and Veronica Conway
Heather Creelman
Clarence and Rosa Edit
Deborah Gomulka
Robert and Lisa Henson
Heritage Family Medicine
Mark and Patricia Huebner
James Jasco
Barney and Susie LaPorte
Michael Lee McAdams Jordan
Helene Lortz
Leslie Maier
Vincent and Susan Matticoli
David McAllister
William and Cathy Mildren
Robert Moser
Dave and Sharon Nelson
Bill and Jane Cole Poncik
Tony and Lynn Ponds
Brock and Elizabeth Rowley
Gregg and Lindy Russell
Mark and Suzanne Schuld
Rachel and Ryan Schuld
Steven and Sigrid Schuld
Willis Sinclair, Inc.
J.D. and Sheila Smoak
SNF Holding Company
Stephen and Lindsay Torpy
Vanguard Charitable from Wayne and Cindy Mincey
Valmore Ward, Jr.


Irwin and Helene Adler
Jane N. Anderson
Fred and Karen Buchsbaum
Thomas and Beverly Cable
Heather Creelman
Clarence and Rosa Edit, Jr.
Gary and Nancy Eldridge
Ted and Betty Ely
Richard and Lucia Gray
James and Susan Heidebrecht
Robert and Lisa Henson, III
Walter and Susan Hinson
Ronald and Diane Howard
Virginia Jordan
Jerry and Sue Kline
Stephen and Mary Loftin
Raymond and Beverly Lutgert
James and Judy Marcogliese
Robert and Janice Moser
Anthony Norton
Ronald and Julie Pettinger
Stephen and Diana Shelton
Mark and Tracy Tobey
George and Jan Spears
Heather and Mark Creelman


Bill and Jan Raisch in memory of Marilyn Healy’s sister-Ann Murray
Gregg and Lindy Russell in memory of Marilyn Healy’s sister-Ann Murray


The Board of Hilton Head Heroes
Edward J. Holmes
Mary and John Hudson
Maybe S. Jenkins
Dorothy Kaufman and Clyde Stroman
Gregg and Lindy Russell


Hilton Retired Officers Group
Wendy Mahoney
Joyce and Donald Nagel
John and Jean Ness
Krist Norlander
Helen and Bob Payne
Neil and Barbara Snow
Kate Sullivan


M. and D. Bass
The Board of Directors – Hilton Head Heroes
Jaime Forbes
Andrea Lemire
Vincent Mucci
Rosemary Paige
Gregg and Lindy Russell
Wanda Wetherington


The Board of Hilton Head Heroes
Gregg and Lindy Russell


Joseph Allegra
Cherry & Bruce Baumgartner
The Berman Family
Eric Curtiss
Donald L. Fernandes
Hal and Barbara Massa
James Rice
Gregg and Lindy Russell – Hilton Head Heroes


Gregg and Lindy Russell and the Board of Hilton Head Heroes
Doug and Betsy Broome
Bill and Marilyn Healy
Jan and Bill Raish
Chamberlain and Steward Associates LTD


Jeff and Carol Billman
Peter Canning
Deanna Tansey


Robert and Doris Malesardi
Welles and MaryAnne Murphey
Brock and Kathleen Rowley
Dr. and Mrs. Paul Long
J. Carl Peus, M.D.
Dennis and Ann King
Gregg and Lindy Russell
Sandra Woodard
Steven and Debra Buskirk
Muriel Flanagan Cullen and Dr. Ralph Cullen
Con and Diane Fecher
James Hallett
Lori Kriwanek
Walter Macauley
Rosemary Mavellia
Mr. and Mrs. David Pardue
Joan and Rob Schocet
Kay and Tom Morton
Lucille Lee
Wien Family Revocable Trust – B. Wien and N.M. Wien


Anne Marie and Jack Claiborne
C. Barton Loar and Carol M. Loar
Kyle and Kathryn Lobley
Jan and Bill Raisch
Richard and Julie Welch
Brooke and Daniel Voelzke
Margaret Phillips
The Board of Hilton Head Heroes
North Atlanta Church of Christ


Vanlandingham, Jr. Trust / Alice and Earl Vanlandingham
Catherine Wheeler
George Grange
Thomas Jamrok
Mike Kianetski
April Striz
Stephen Koehle
Amber Prince
Rachel Warren
Leigh Spink
SAS Security Alarm Service/Marry Graves
Stephanie Griffin
David Deeter


The Board of Hilton Head Heroes
Amy Boyer
Brian and Sheila Flannery
Bill and Marilyn Healy
Nancy Kelly
Anthony Rego
Robert and Katherine Rieth
Gregg and Lindy Russell
Linda Van Zandt


Bill and Marilyn Healy
Gregg and Lindy Russell
Pattie and Steve Garrett


Susan Hannah
Vicki Swanson
Lori Beyers
Karen Krayeski
Lauren and All Lebel
Stuart Terrett IV
Sharon Wheat Dion
Juliana Schepp
Meghan Key
Micheal Guerrera
Melanie DiNicola Guerrera
Michele Warbiany
Arthur Arsenault
Ginger Lily
Catie Anne Mengel
Jenny Mason
Haleigh Krawtzow
Kevin McLeod
Kyle Looney
Catherine Langelloti
Barb Tabor Winshurst
Jeff Hoffert
Roxanne Hoffert
Lori Arsenault Hoffert
Thomas Guerrera
Lauren Pedlar
Jean Gulielmo
Peggy Duncan
Gloria Sabalauskas
Anne Murray Sease
Christine Kilborn Sweeney
Stuart Terre III
Lou Guererra
Laura Kuhm
Lisa Weinstein
Kristen DiGuglielmo
Terri Thomas Moore
Dr. Buz Urling
Francine Zelladonis
Susie Tortolani
Kara Sabalauskas
Amber Lily Uilani
Leslie Lebel
Sheryl Winn
Gregg and Lindy Russell
The Board of Hilton Head Heroes


Gregg and Lindy Russell
Mackenzie and Madison Russell
Donna Ellison
Debbie Ellison
Alan Stockstad
Nancy Kelly
Mark, Valerie and Rachel Brenneman
Barrie and Arlene Bergman
Earl and Joan Wheeler the Donation of 10 Gideon Memorial Bibles
Bobbi and Roland Kelly
Heavenly Angels of First Baptist Chruch HHI- 10 Gideon Bibles
Sylvia Weeks
Larry and Sharon Blackmun
Donald and LaVerne Cousins
Bill and Marilyn Healy
Elinor Fulmer
David and Barbara Petrie
Kathleen Mourning
Frank and Nancy Conder
Stan and Bobbi Leavitt
The Hutton Family, Edward, Carolee, Kirsten and Liana
Gary and Midge Malool / Jennifer and Michael
Carl and Jackie Ward
Gail and Mark Mooney / Crescent Moon Productions
Reba Trapp
Bobbi and Roland Kelly
Elaine and Joseph Grubler


Mary Ann and Patrick Lewis
Robinson Grant CPA
Joanne and Fred Geiger, Jr.
Maureen M. Murphy
Walter and Susan Shelley
James and Judith Walsh
Stephen and Laura Joss
Gerald and Joan Hoenes
The Sea Pines Late Bloomers Garden Club
Jim and Irene Wyllis
Morgan Fields Friends and Neighbors
The Yacht Club of HHI / Nauti Ladies
Edward and Janet Bowers


Joy, Kevin, Jack and Kylie Conlon
Patricia and Richard Radcliff
Anthony Pulsinelle
Joy Conlin Family
Jay and Corinne M. M. Clancy
Brent Material Company of West Orange, N.J.
Vollers Excavating and Construction of North Branch, N.J.
Beverly and J.D. Miladin
Colibri Scientique LLC.
T.S. Millard
Susan Bennett
MLS of Hilton Head Island
Christine and Francis Delaney
Linda Ferment
James and Sue Hess
Carleen Caprice
Gina Kirschemann
Edward and Carol Janusz
Peter Herm
Lenka Lazorikova


Gregg and Lindy Russell
Robert J Eckert
Irving and Karen Becker
William and Janet Raisch
Thomas and Marilyn Rego
Joan Geisler
John Geisler
Julius and Mary Parella
John and Jeanne Schuler
Gene and Helen King
Anne Marie Germani
Barbara Brigham
Lou and Morris Drucker
Thomas and Julia Stanton
Merle and E. Jean Buck
Marilyn and Thomas Rego
Frank and Nancy Condor
Stacey Keller, MD
Marilyn and Bill Healy
Edward and Susan Fishel
Larry and Ann Green


Yvette Acuff
Brenda and Gary Barrett
Elmyra J. Bass
Heather and Robert Bender
Don and Ann Christy
Deborah Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Don E. Coker
Lorraine Colabella
Jill E. Collins
Lisa A. Colvard
Marilyn Diana-Groteke
Sherry Easterlin
Rod Engard
Dr. Joseph and Annemarie C. Farrell
Paul T. and Margaret M. Franks, Sr
Phil and Denna Hartman
Margaret S. Havens
Damian and Andrea Hayes
Douglas J. Hendrix
Suzanne Foreman and Russell Hildebrand
Hilton Head Association of Realtors
Douglas P. and Lorraine A. Light
Edward and Eleanor Marxen
Rebecca W. Merritt
Peter and Karen Moll
Daniel and Deborah Monroe
Sheri and Mark Nixon
Eleanor and Charles O’Key
Barbara and Ernst Pfrunder
Cay B. Quattlebaum
Christine L. Rahn
Elizabeth L. Ridings
Nancy Roe
Gregg and Lindy Russell
Nick Sabatine
Donald and Ethel Shepherd
Kay Smith
John and Vivienne J. Smith
Phil and Rachel Thornton
W.C. Tunno, Jr.
Susan DeCorso Weber
Melba Windham
Michael and Barbara Wolf


Gregg and Lindy Russell
Elizabeth Zeiler
Karen and Kris Geiger
Mr and Mrs John Gomolski
Janet Bernard
Harry and Nancy Winch
Dale and Judy Peters


Hilton Head Board of Directors
Gregg and Lindy Russell
Eileen Verhaeg
Jessica Thibldeal
David Cho
Claudia and Phil Pickle
Leo and Stephanie Verhaeg
Mr and Mrs Larry Brown
Mr and Mrs Jon Gren
Mr and Mrs Don Richter
Mr and Mrs Steve Thompson
Ms. Lorraine Sinnott


Jennifer Bell CH2M Hill
William (Bill) Bender
Finley and Laura Clarke
Marie Copeland
Bill and Joanne Dugle
Mrs. J. Smith Harrison, Jr.
Harry and Suzanne Harvin
Herbert and Lynn Lawton
Phillip Love
Cynthia Nyberg
John Paul
JD Solomon CH2M Hill
Mr and Mrs Frank Moses
Martha Tibbens
Kimmie Tran
Gregg and Lindy Russell
South Carolina Wind and Hail Underwriting Association
The Board of Hilton Head Heroes