Clearwater Pool Inspection Program Donations

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For the past decade, Clearwater Pool Service has supported Hilton Head Heroes by donating the fees from Real Estate pool inspections. The inspections include an “on site” visual inspection of the pool, deck and equipment and is supported by a written report of the findings. The entire fee is donated to the Hilton Head Heroes.

Tyson Reilly
Meredith and Michael Shue
Gerry Prudhomme
Bland Kiser
Kathy Ross
Frank Russo
Valerie Keating
John and Patty Wholey
Tom Howard
Chris Moscola
Tim and Gene Gatewood
Thurber Scott
Lara Nichols
Bob Maxwell
Garbiela Sanit-Dennis
Brad and Beth Fischer
Fredrik Nelson
Steve Harmon
Joe Hawkins
Mario Ramirez
Audrey and George Grant
Stacey and James Cobb
Kenneth and Carol Greene
Robert and Julie Mervis
Patrick Koehl
Michael and Lisa Winthrow
Mike and Karen Kelly
Jim Ehrig
Spiro Alexander
David Hart
William Sibitsky
Valerie Keating
Jay and Ellen Rice
Ronald and Susan Jackson
Ed and Aletta Bond
Napoleaon and Patricia Nelson
Douglas Lang
Leslie King
Bob DeWitt
William and Sherry Beckemeyer
Dr. and Mrs. Marge Goodman
John Meyers
Arthur J. Donaldson
John Dugan
Steve Harmon
Vicky Free
Kurt Landsbert
David and Sherri DeLuca
Lawrence and Catherine Forlenza
Ken Fletcher
Barb Peitso
Bonnie Prizer
Brek and Laurie Peterson
Cheryl Gates
Claudia and John Salstone
Daniel and Cynthia Crotty and Their Realtor Rick Saba
David and Kathy Lang and Andrea Albright with Collins Group Realty
David Phillips
Donald and Kelly Schoder
Douglas and Julie Harrington and real estate agent Bill Anderson
Dr. Donald Mullins and His Real Estate Agent Kristi Gonzales of ERA Evergreen Realty
Frank and Lynn Mustazza and Their Realtor Rick Saba
Frank Sequiti
Franklin and Carol Bolgan
Graham Dillaway and Real Estate Agent Wendy Corbitt
Jason and Armanda Creveling and Kate Yachini of Carolina Realty Group
Jerry L Bowling
John Stout and Robbie Bunting of Dunes Marketing Group
Jon Bloom
Joseph and Francis Wright
Joyce Miller and Barbara Wilkins of Keller Williams Real Estate
June Colella and Gail Bonnett of Collins Realty Group
Kate Yachini and the Carolina Realty Group
Kees and Beth Bouwkamp and Their Realtor James Wedgeworth of Charter One Realty
Marie Labassi and Family
Michael and Margaret McArdle and Phil Porter of Charter One Realty
Mike Binette
Millard Oakley
Mr. Gary Phoebus and His Realtor Rick Saba
Patti McEwin
Paul and Kathryn Bishop and Their Real Estate Agent Darle Booher of Carolina Realty
Paula Thimble
Peter and Coleen Asmuth
Realtor Sandy Roberts of Re/Max
Richard and Vicky E King
Robert and Lisa Wagner
Stephanie Hoke and Delores Changler
Stephen Larson
Stephen Ross
Susan and Bob Eckert
Tim and Beverly Rose and Tammy Woodward of Century One Advantage
Timothy and Karen Moraghan
Timothy Kelly from Real Estate Agent Beverly Serral